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What should I expect?



First, click the Book Appointment link. 

  • You will then be prompted to register a client profile with the video conferencing platform Noustalk. 

  • While registering you will be prompted to provide your name, address, email, phone number, and time zone.

  • Some examples of how to locate Time Zones:

    • For Newfoundland type: Newfoundland

    • For Labrador type: Goosebay

    • For NewBrunswick/ P.E.I./ Nova Scotia type: Halifax

  • You will then be asked to read and sign the Informed Consent document. 

  • You will then be prompted to provide your payment information using the encrypted trusted payment method “Stripe”.

  • After you have provided all your information you will be brought to view counsellor availability. Using the calendar select the available date and time that you would like to book your appointment.

  • Once the counsellor has accepted your selected session you will receive an email from Noustalk stating that your appointment is booked for the date and time you selected, as well as a link to access your session on the day of your appointment. 


  • On the day of the session please click the link sent to your email to access your online session.

  • Upon clicking the link ensure to allow Noustalk access to your camera and mic. 

  • Ensure you are using an updated internet browser like: Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Please ensure that you have found a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during the duration of the session. 

  • Priority Health Counselling recommends using a headset with a mic during your sessions to ensure the utmost privacy.

Once you’ve found a private quiet area you’ll be ready to begin your session. The counselling sessions will offer you a safe, caring, non-judgemental environment to help you practice new skills. These skills are derived from proven effective therapeutic practices such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Regardless of the affliction, Priority Health Counselling is here to help you work through and overcome it, so you can start moving on into a better, happier, healthier life.  Please don’t hesitate, make your health priority today and book an appointment with Priority Health Counselling. 

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