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Origin of the name and symbol:

Priority Health comes from the idea that our mind is what drives all aspects of our lives. It is the centre from which all our actions, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs originate from. It is our core, it is who we are. Therefore, it is no wonder that if our mind’s health is of our lives begin to fall apart. It is our belief that keeping our minds healthy should be our number one priority as it is imperative to leading our best, happiest, healthiest, most fulfilling life. That is why it is our priority health.



The priority health symbol is a mountain placed on the inside of a circle. We were very purposeful in the creation of this image. The mountain symbolizes a strong, firm, constant centre and the circle represents wholeness. It is our desire that Priority Health Counselling can assist all who seek help build a strong, firm, constant, healthy centre which enables them to have wholeness throughout all aspects of their lives. That is why we feel our symbol perfectly encapsulates our desired purpose for Priority Health Counselling.

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